Patented RFID technology is here!

8 January 2015

We’ve invested in the development of an embedded RFID European and American patented technology that will enable our customers to track their products. As well as being incorporated in Spirit’s PCBs this will be marketed through our new group company, Lync Circuits.

RFID (Radio frequency Identification) is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track products. It does this by automatically collecting and transmitting data. Combining this technology with our extensive PCB manufacturing capability has enabled us to innovate a groundbreaking product with valuable applications.

The main advantage of this technology is product traceability and the fact embedded RFID PCBs can be effectively tracked. What’s more, embedding this technology in the PCB itself prevents users from tampering with the RFID tag, which cannot be intactly removed. This gives products total security.

The end user can assign an individual electronic product code (EPC), allowing them to distinguish products easily. For products that are copied by pirates and markets that are littered with convincing fakes, Lync Circuits offers anti-counterfeit applications by allowing users to wirelessly identify original products.

Embedding this technology does not have any negative effects on the function of the PCB. This is because it uses a passive system, therefore the rest of the circuitry is unaffected and functions normally. The minimum data retention of Lync Circuits exceeds 50 years, meaning it will be active for the products life cycle.

To find out more about the applications and advantages of our newest technology get in touch our Technical Director Martin Cotton.