Lyncolec add assembly to AS9100

28 June 2017

Lyncolec are pleased to be adding assembly to their AS9100

Lee Lloyd - Group Sales Director commented:

“Our assembly service was as a result of repeated client requests (which surprisingly included CEMs), who found it difficult to source or accommodate evaluation quantities of assembled Flex (also rigid), in accelerated lead-times. With Lyncolec providing HiRel formal release PCBs (but not forgetting we accommodate all markets and to suit all purses), it made sense to add assembly to our formal AS capability scope. In addition to this, we also have one of our IPC operators taking his IPC Trainer Certificate, so we are also able to train, qualify and certificate additional staff (in-house), to meet capacity requirements, which we also did with our PCB inspection department” Lee went on to say “Our assembly department, though small (it’s a value-add service), is very well equipped with contemporary equipment which includes automated solder-paste, pick-and-place (“0402 capability), and both vapour-phase and IR reflow technologies, not forgetting our through-hole hand assembly/cable capability.

For more information please email Lee Lloyd