Q. Who can I go to for any quote requests?
A. For all quote requests or enquiries you can contact Ade Talley or Darren Borg on 02392-243000 or e-mail to quote@spiritcircuits.com

Q. How fast can you manufacture my circuits?
A. Our standard lead-time is 10 working days but we can manufacture circuits on a fast turn basis from as little as 2 days.

Q. How can I progress my order?
A. You can progress your order with our sales team by contacting us on 02392 243000 or by emailing us at info@spiritcircuits.com

Q. You have already confirmed my order, but now I need to amend the quantity or date. Who can change this for me, and will it be possible?
A. You can contact our Sales Administrator Jenni Gibbon for any reschedules on 02393-243000 or e-mail her at j.gibbon@spiritcircuits.com or Taylor Hammon on 02392-243065. Amendments to quantities and lead times will subject to available capacity and material lead times.

Q. How will my circuits be delivered?
A. Our main courier is TNT whom we use for the majority of our deliveries. We also use DHL, FedEx and UPS

Q. What time will my circuits be with me?
A. Our standard delivery is a next day service, but upon request we can also offer a morning courier for delivery by midday at no extra cost.

Q. I have received my circuits but I have some quality issues. Who can I talk to?
You can contact our Quality Manager Andrew Weddell on 02392-243081 or e-mail him at a.weddell@spiritcircuits.com or Duncan Paige on 02392-243073 or email him at d.paige@spiritcircuits.com

Q. I have some technical queries on a circuit design. Who can I contact for advice?
A. You can contact our Technical Sales Reps Les Round l.round@spiritcircuits.com or Dave Hunton d.hunton@spiritcircuits.com for any technical questions you may have.

Q. Lead Free - What alternative finishes other than HASL can you offer me?
A. We can offer PCBs supplied with Immersion Nickel/Gold, Silver or Tin finishes.