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Spirit Circuits is one of the UK’s most innovative Printed Circuit Board manufacturers. Our unique suite of services and overseas sourcing office means we don’t just manufacture circuit boards, but offer you an extensive complement of PCBs.

From our UK manufacturing facility we offer our customers a truly diverse range of PCBs from simple single sided through to complex multilayers.

Spirit Circuits is an agile PCB manufacturer who offers a range of services to meet your PCB and MPCB needs

A new study shows that LED lights attract fewer insects than other lights

New research by scientists from the University of Bristol has revealed that domestic LED lights are much less attractive to nuisance insects such as biting midges than traditional filament lamps. The team now highlights the urgent need for further research on other heat-seeking flies that transmit disease, including mosquitoes that are carriers of pathogens that cause damaging diseases such as malaria and Zika fever.

Local knowledge on a global scale

We have opened up a world of business opportunities in China and our many years of experience and commitment to working in China has delivered real benefit to our customers.