Team Surtes - Engineers of the future

27 April 2017

As a company we have a strong passion for investing time in the engineers of the future, and this year we are thrilled to be supporting several projects, one of which is the exciting new project with Team Surtes from the University of Surrey.

Team SURTES is the University of Surrey’s in-house racing team; run by engineering and business students, and given advise from academic and technical staff when required.

Every year Team SURTES seeks out to design and manufacture ever lighter, more powerful racing cars. The student team is not only responsible for producing a brand new car every year, but also the management of all the finance, marketing and HR operations of the Formula Student team. This gives the students the ideal opportunity to learn new skills and showcase their talent. This year, team SURTES has decided to change direction and challenge themselves with building their first ever electric car !. The decision to move to electric has been a strategy that many teams have employed, with electric motors providing performance benefits over internal combustion engines, and the elimination of fuel, oil, and large water cooling systems reducing the complexity of auxiliary units. This doesn’t however mean it’ll be easy, the rules and regulations for the electric vehicles are extremely strict.

EVIE MK2 is in full build mode and the engineers are currently working hard on the chassis, and the wiring loom will be next. Spirit Circuits have helped by sponsoring the boards for EVIE MK2 and we had great pleasure in building them for the team.

As the team progresses we will give you updates along the way to join in on their innovative new project.