Customised COB Holders

14 February 2017

Spirit Circuits have developed a process for manufacturing COB Holders using standard PCB processing and well-established FR4 materials and this allows customers to develop a bespoke, custom-made part with low set-up costs. These COB Holders are made in panel form which can be used as part of the simplified, mass assembly process – the COB is placed in the holder and soldered in place through a standard re-flow process. Wires can be attached by soldering to the topside, bottom-side, into a PTH or even by using a poke-in connector. The TIM can also be easily incorporated into the build so providing a total solution for COB assembly. As it is a custom part, Corporate colours or logos (plus part numbers) can be included. This type of design also allows modules to be made using several COBs together (for example – a streetlight module which could include the optic built-in.

If you would like more details please contact us at Spirit Circuits or call us on 02392 243 000